Home & Garden Update {May 2017}


Hello Friends! And welcome to the May home and garden update! I know it has been pretty quiet around the blog lately. The reason is because I recently returned to my full-time job after my maternity leave so sadly came to an end (as all good things do). So needless to say, life has been a little crazy around our home over the past month or so. To be quite honest, life has seemed pretty overwhelming lately. With trying to care for a 4 month old, manage my home, do well at my day job, write for the blog, and not to mention just life in general, the list of things to do never seems to end. It’s all about time-management, priorities, and routines! This has been a time of learning, stretching and growing for our little family but we are settling into a nice routine now. Going forward, things may not be quite as active around the blog as they used to be but my goal is to have a minimum of one post per week and more consistent updates on Facebook too!


I know it has been some time since I posted a monthly homestead update. Looking back over my posts, the last one was actually back in September. So, we have a lot of catching up to do!

With the arrival of spring, we are very anxious to get outside and get our vegetable garden planted for the season! So far, our strawberry patch is overflowing with flowers and green berries and our apple trees have little baby apples on them!! It is so exciting to see our plants coming to life for the season and being productive! We are also trying to start some of our vegetables from seed this year (which is something we haven’t had luck with in the past), so I will keep you updated on how this goes! So far, so good!


This month we have spent a lot of time planning for the summer season ahead of us. We have our garden all planned out, including a new drainage system that we added to help with the standing water. (You’ll hear more about this in an upcoming blog post!) We also have several smaller projects planned for around the house/yard as well (you can read about these below!)


Last summer proved to be quite challenging for me in the gardening department. Keeping up with our vegetable garden and the herb garden while pregnant and working full-time proved to be harder than I had expected. And looking ahead to this spring and summer, I expect it to be equally challenging (if not more) with a little one to keep an eye on too!


Here is an overview of some of the goals that we have set for ourselves…

Goals that we want to achieve this month:

In the Yard/Garden:

  • Prep the vegetable garden for planting at the end of the month:
    Weed removal
    Tilling the dirt
    Adding some nutrients to the soil including peat moss and local horse manure
    Laying plastic to help with weed control
    Adding a drainage system
  • Moving daffodil bulbs. We have some daffodils that come up in the yard every spring and I want to dig these up and plant them in my gardens around the house.
  • Planting Hyacinth and Tulip bulbs. We purchased some flowers around Easter and I want to get these planted in my gardens too.
  • Wrangling my spearmint plant. My spearmint started to take over last summer and this spring it has continued its conquest to take over my herb garden. I have a plan to try to get it under control.
  • Add deer repellent around the fruit trees.
  • Getting the vegetable garden planted over Memorial Day Weekend. (If the weather cooperates!)
  • Getting the flowers planted in various pots and planters around the house and yard.
  • Freshen the landscaping-We usually add fresh mulch every year, however, this year (in an effort to save time & money) we will simply rake/stir up the current mulch to give it a fresh look.
  • Continue treating the yard for weeds.
  • Clean out the bluebird box from last year.
  • Adding a fire ring to our back yard for campfires and cookouts!

Around the House:

  • Wash all of the windows in the house and get the screens back in the windows.
  • Spring Cleaning: wash walls and scrub carpets.
  • Organization Overhaul!! I want to organize the entire house, room by room, drawer by drawer. This is definitely not a 1 month project but I want to at least get it started this month! I have some time off of work, so I hope to take advantage of this and get a good start on this!
  • Adding a large sun shade to our back porch, so we can enjoy our back porch more this summer. It gets full sunlight from one side during the morning (which isn’t so bad). And it gets full sunlight in the late afternoon through the evening which makes it almost unbearable during the summer.

Longer Term Goals:

  • Adding Lean-To over our wood-pile
  • Stump Removal
  • Garage Project:
    Adding Insulation to the garage walls
    Paint the walls
    Lay Tile Flooring (Black & White Checkerboard Pattern)
    Add a workbench, toolboxes, and cabinets
    Add plywood flooring to the loft above the garage for storage space
  • Building a fire pit

Some of the goals we have accomplished since our last update:

  • Finish plumbing in the shed.
  • Adding insulation to the garage walls.
  • Run co-ax cable from our attic to our basement for a t.v. antennae. We were able to eliminate the expense of cable t.v.
  • Roll out the yard.
  • Fertilize the yard. (Weed & Feed)
  • Finished the nursery


There always seems to be a million things to do around the house, yard, and garden. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to add some items on the above list. But little by little we are getting things accomplished!


What is on your to do list this spring? What goals have you put in place for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below-I love to hear from my readers!

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