From the time I was a little girl, I have loved being in the outdoors and getting my hands dirty. A love for plants and gardening just comes naturally in my family. My grandma and grandpa (who lived next door) owned a tree nursery and landscaping service, where my dad worked as a landscaper alongside my grandpa for many years. Two of my great uncles, who lived just a few miles down the road were also in the plant business-both owning greenhouses and one including a farm market. So I guess I come by it naturally.


My dad, as I said before, was a landscaper, so there was never a shortage of gardens to work in around the house. There was always trees to be trimmed, weeds to be pulled and of course my favorite, flowers to be cut and brought inside. And with my grandparents living next door, I was always around the hustle and bustle of the nursery. I would like to say that I am an expert on trees and plants, however, I definitely didn’t absorb as much knowledge as I would’ve liked.

Broccolli & Beans

One of my favorite memories was when my parents “gave” me a corner garden to work on my own. I remember weeding it, preparing the soil, and then making a trip to my uncle’s greenhouse to pick out just the right flowers! I was very proud of myself and that was the beginning of my love for gardening! Of course, now I have expanded from petunias to include vegetable, herbs, and most recently, even some fruit trees!


I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks from garden planning to tracking yields, from composting to natural pest control. I will share our story of how we landscaped our new home on a budget and also I will share step-by-step while we are preparing our new, big garden for planting next spring. We will be prepping the soil, building a fence, and planting our first big vegetable garden at our new house! It’s only December 2nd and I am already itching for spring!! Something tells me it’s going to be along winter. That’s alright, we have plenty to keep us busy inside-Like garden planning and choosing just the right vegetable seeds to plant in the spring!! Thinking happy thoughts and looking forward to spring:-)



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