Canning Pickles

In the Kitchen…

One of my favorite places to be in the whole world is in the kitchen. Whether I’m baking a batch of sugar cookies to share with a neighbor, canning up the harvest from our garden in the summer and fall, or making a simple dinner to share with my husband-I love to be in the kitchen. I find it so easy to show love to those in my life by putting my time and efforts into a homemade dish. I also enjoy seeking out new recipes to try- whether searching my favorite blogs, sorting through a stack of my grandma’s recipe cards that she handed down, or trying the one that my hubby emailed to me in hopes that I would try it out!:-) I love to spend time discovering, creating and enjoying new recipes!

Homemade Bread

Another reason that my favorite room is the kitchen is because it is so often the heart of the home. Friends and family members gather there during parties or holidays to enjoy delicious foods and warm conversation, heart-to-hearts are held between loved ones over a hot cup of coffee, and tiny hands are taught how to prepare recipes to carry onto the next generation.

Hamburgers topped with Candied Bacon

I will of course be sharing my favorite family recipes with you but the “In the Kitchen” section of my blog will also contain a number of other topics including: meal-planning, recipe organization, grocery budgeting, cabinet organization and many other helpful tips! I will also keep you up to date on my own adventures in trying new things in the kitchen. Some new things I will be trying soon: making freezer meals, making more recipes from scratch, and grinding my own wheat into flour (using my new Kitchen Aid attachment that hubby bought me for my birthday!!)

Beautiful Blueberries

So stick around and I’m sure you’ll find some new recipes that you can’t wait to try! Happy cooking! (or baking, or canning!)


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