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Frugal Living…

Back when my husband and I were first married, we made up our minds that we were going to pay off all of our debt so that we could buy the house of our dreams. Me, being the goal oriented person that I am, sat down with a notebook and calculator and started running the numbers. There were checklists made and spreadsheets drawn up showing how long it would take us to pay off each item. We came up with a 5 year plan, made a budget and stuck to it.  I set to work looking for ways to be more frugal with our money and save as much as we could. And the rest is history. Being in this frugal mindset has just stuck with me.

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I absolutely love looking for new ways to be frugal in my everyday life! I love scouring the newspaper ads looking for coupons for items we frequently use. I get super excited when I find good deals on second-hand items-like 24 pint mason jars for $3 at an antique shop!!!

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I rarely ever buy items full price-I shop the clearance rack, sale ads, and of course, Amazon! I also love seeking out frugal recipes, making homemade cleaning supplies, shopping at bulk food stores, and being creative to save money.

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It all comes back to being a good steward of the many blessings God has given us. I believe that no matter what your financial situation, you should try to make wise decisions and use those resources you’ve been blessed with to the best of your ability. Being frugal can mean different things to different people and that’s ok! Just make the most of what you have! Be creative and look for new ways to use old things. Try and make due with what you already have on hand rather than running out to the store to buy something new.

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In the “Frugal Living” section of my blog, I will be sharing the ins and outs of how our family lives frugally. I will be sharing how to make your own cleaners (for pennies!!), buying in bulk and how to store your bulk purchases, planting your own vegetable garden and canning the harvest and many other creative ways to save!! I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks and I hope that it can help you in your own journey to being more frugal!!


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