What does homemaking mean to you? It can mean different things to everyone. When I think of homemaking, the first thing that comes to my mind is making your house a home. As a wife, I feel like it is my responsibility to keep our home clean and organized-making it a haven of peace and rest, decorating it to be warm & welcoming, providing and preparing healthy, nourishing meals for my family, and over-all managing the affairs of the household so that everything runs smoothly.


My version of homemaking is always growing and changing as I seek to find creative solutions  to incorporate into my routines. I strive to always look for ways to make improvements and use my time wisely. Homemaking can encompass such a broad range of topics, but in general, it is simply taking care of things in and around the home.

Fresh Homemade Pies

I really think that it encompasses all of the topics that are on my blog: cooking, cleaning, gardening, decorating, and the list goes on. And the fact that it covers such a wide variety of topics is one of the reasons that I chose it to be one of my topics on the blog-it gives me creative freedom! This will probably be the section of my blog where I sneak in all of the odds and ends: my crafting adventures, my attempts at decorating, learning new life skills (like flower arranging and crocheting?!?) and miscellaneous thoughts and reflections from my life!: ) So stick around and see what exciting projects I get into in my homemaking adventures!

Homemade Sugar Cookies

What does homemaking mean to you?

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