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Happiness is homemade! This quote is so true! One of my favorite hobbies is using my creativity to make homemade items. Whether to use myself or to give away as gifts to family and friends. I get so excited when I get a new pack of colorful pens, a new pad of scrapbook paper or a roll of burlap to make a new wreath! When I walk into Joanne’s or Michael’s, I am like a kid in a candy store! I could easily heap a cart full of new supplies!!:)

Drawing Pencils 1

My love for the artsy, creative side started early in life for me. As a child, I was forever drawing in my sketch pad, coloring in a coloring book, or cutting out construction paper snowflakes. It didn’t stop there, in high school I took graphic design classes and my college major was visual design so I definitely have creative juices flowing through my veins. I am a little rusty on the graphic design as I haven’t actively pursued that profession in the past 8 years however, I do plan on sharpening my skills back up in the near future!! Some outlets that I like to express my artistic side are painting, scrap-booking and crafting. Lately I have not dedicated very much time to these hobbies, however, this year I am making it a goal to spend time on a weekly basis using my artistic abilities. It is something that brings me true joy but has quickly taken the back burner to all of the other daily tasks that life throws at you.

Paints & Brushes

Homemade happiness doesn’t just have to come in the way of arts and crafts…it can be anything you make with your own two hands. It can be soaps, candles, and more! I absolutely love making homemade items as gifts! I feel like gifts are so much more meaningful when I have spent my own time and efforts to custom make an item for a family member or friend! Keep an eye out for a future post on how I make homemade peppermint tea bags for my mom! And homemade baking mixes for gift baskets!


I look forward to sharing my creative & homemade projects on the blog!

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