Starting out on our 1-acre homestead

Starting out on our 1 acre homestead

Having such a blank slate is wonderful! My creative mind is running wild with the possibilities of what we could do. My mind is instantly filled with images of mature fruit trees providing bushels of fruit every fall, grape vines filled with beautiful clusters of grapes, an extensive garden that can supply my family with food for the entire winter and maybe even some chickens!

So when I say we are starting out, we truly are starting from scratch. We started with an acre of dirt left behind after the construction of our new home. We moved into our new home in November, so there was no time to get anything done prior to winter. So, after enduring the long winter last year (that seemed like it was never going to end) we were finally able to get our hands dirty…very dirty! As soon as it was warm enough to work outside, we got busy working! We spent a lot of time clearing brush, cutting down trees and pulling sticks and roots out of the ground. Our acre of dirt was quickly overrun by weeds, crabgrass, etc. So in order to “keep up appearances” with the neighbors, we thought we better try to mow this yard of ours. Otherwise, we would look like we were living in a jungle. My poor hubby tackled our bumpy, stick-filled weeds with the mower week after week. It did get a little easier throughout the summer as we removed more of the debris cluttering the yard, but it was still a challenge.

Yard Work

The summer really seemed to drag as we were waiting for the cooler fall weather for planting the grass but we kept ourselves busy with other projects. We started with some landscaping around the house! And we also continued throughout the summer with clearing brush and cleaning up the yard. Since the yard was still unruly, we were unable to start our vegetable garden however, we will get it planned out over the winter and get it prepared early in the spring! To satisfy my longing for my extensive garden as mentioned above, we did get my herb garden planted as well as a lone tomato plant on the porch in a pot! But I will take what I can get! We were so blessed with the opportunity to build a home and I couldn’t ask for anything more. We are so thankful for our new home and are enjoying every minute of it! If it means waiting until next summer to be able to plant my dream garden then I’m okay with that. It will just give me more time to plan and pick out just the right variety of veggies to fill up all of my canning jars and my freezer next summer!

With the lack of a garden, we supplemented by going to local “U-Pick” farms to replenish our supply of homemade canned goods! We were quite low on all of our favorites due to moving. We didn’t do any canning the summer before because we knew that we would be moving and empty canning jars are lighter and easier to move than full ones! We were able to do quite a bit of canning including: stewed tomatoes, tomato soup, salsa, dill pickles, bread & butter pickles and blueberry jam. So our shelves are once again filled with delicious local vegetables for the winter!!

Planting the grass

As far as the fall grass planting goes, some friends of ours (who also happen to be landscapers) helped us get our yard leveled, prepped and planted. The grass did really well and started to grow before the winter weather hit. I am really excited to see what it does in the spring! I know my husband is looking forward to having a nice level yard to mow next year, rather than the one full of ruts and bumps that he had to deal with this past summer!

Growing Grass

So here’s to dreaming of spring! Thoughts of our new garden, our beautiful green grass and lots of hopes & dreams of our future on our 1-acre homestead!

What are you dreaming of for the spring?

If you would like to follow along with our progress as we continue to make our house a home and expand our homestead, please hop on over to my monthly homestead updates here!

Starting out on our 1 acre homestead


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