How I planned my herb garden

How I planned my herb garden

The cold of winter has finally set in. The wind is frigid and the snow is falling. It makes me long for the warm summer sun. I’m sure you all are dreaming of higher temperatures too, so what better thing to do than plan your garden for spring! Winter is the perfect time of year to create your garden plans, whether you are planning a flower, herb or vegetable garden. The long evenings provide plenty of time to pour over seed catalogs, research plant varieties and choose just the right ones for your own garden!


So as I sit here sipping my steaming cup of peppermint tea, let me share with you how I planned my herb garden at the new house…

I absolutely LOVE to grow my own herbs! I enjoy using them fresh in my cooking throughout the summer-like putting fresh basil leaves in my homemade tomato soup, fresh oregano on my pizza and fresh dill or chives on my baked potatoes…mmmmm! I also dry my surplus at the end of the summer and use them throughout the year as teas and seasonings! I have basically replaced a majority of my store-bought herbs with homegrown ones! Now that is both frugal and healthy!! I will share my process for harvesting, drying and using herbs in a future post! But for now, let’s talk about how I planned my herb garden.

My First Herb Garden

My first herb garden (at our previous house-pictured above) was really small. I only had space for a few plants, so I chose my favorites peppermint, spearmint, oregano, lavender, and chives. Even in a small space, I always had a decent harvest. When we moved into the new house, I knew I wanted to dedicate a larger space for my herbs! I also wanted it to be a convenient location, close to the house so that I have easy access to cut herbs for cooking.

Overall, herbs are relatively easy to grow. Some people consider a lot of herbs to be weeds due to their rapid growth and expansion. However, if you put some time into keeping them wrangled in, they can look really nice in a garden while still providing you with a bountiful harvest of fresh herbs throughout the spring and summer and still have a surplus for drying in the fall!


When choosing which herbs I wanted to plant in my new garden, I put quite a bit of thought into it. I knew that I wanted the majority of the plants I chose to be perennials so that they would last more than one season. I also wanted to be sure to select varieties that I would be sure to love. This is what I ended up choosing:

  • Chives
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Balm
  • Thyme
  • Tarragon
  • Oregano
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary

I also had a separate section of garden where I chose to plant some annuals: Dill and Basil.

When deciding what herbs to plant in your garden, ask yourself these questions:

What herbs do I generally use in my everyday recipes?

What herbs grow well in my climate?

How much space do I have? Which will tell you-How many varieties can I plant?

Spend some time putting thought into your garden plans. Research uses for herbs and decide which ones would be most useful for your family. Also, remember to choose a good location for your herb garden. You want your herbs to be close enough to the kitchen that it is easy and convenient to cut herbs for daily use. If it is too inconvenient, your herbs will never get used and go to waste.


Keep in mind that if it is well thought out and well cared for, these plants could be providing you with an abundant harvest for years to come!

Happy Garden Planning!!:)

How I planned my herb garden

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