Homemade Furniture Polish

Homemade Furniture Polish

I think there is one thing that most of us can agree on when it comes to products that we use in our home, we want them to be safe for our family and pets. We want them to be made from natural ingredients and void of harmful chemicals. I think another thing we can agree on is that we want frugal options, we don’t want to break the bank by buying these natural products.

So in an effort to be both frugal and natural in my cleaning, I have started using homemade cleaners. I am fairly new to making my own products, so I have started with basic cleaners. The first recipe I will share with you is for homemade furniture polish. I personally have been using this polish for 2-3 months now and I love it! It of course cleans dust away but it also brings out the beautiful shine in all of my wood furniture!

essential oils

I am thrilled that I have a product that I know exactly what is in it, all of the ingredients are safe for use with my family and pets, and it is so inexpensive to make! Frugal, healthy and super simple to make….What else could I ask for? I can use this product and feel good about it!

(This recipe is enough to fill a 32 oz spray bottle-I bought a 6 pack of spray bottles at Sam’s Club for around $5! The ones I purchased are a little larger than 32 ounces. The “32 ounces” is measured to the bottom of the neck of the bottle. If you are using a different kind of bottle or a smaller size, you can cut the recipe in half!)

Furniture Polish Closeup

Homemade Furniture Polish

4 cups white vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
10 drops of citrus essential oil (I use grapefruit or lemon)

Place all of the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake them well. Always label your bottles to ensure that you don’t forget which is which. And voila’ you have your very own homemade furniture polish!

Happy dusting!!

Homemade Furniture Polish

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