Our 2016 Homesteading Goals

2016 Homesteading Goals

My husband and I are just starting out on our homestead but we have so many dreams of our future here! After having an unproductive summer last year, we are so excited to get out there and get to work this spring! I shouldn’t say that last year was unproductive-it just wasn’t the “fun” kind of productive. See, we moved into our new-construction home in November of 2014, so in the spring of 2015 we had a muddy mess of a yard! We spent the summer pulling sticks, roots and other debris out of our yard in preparation for planting grass in the fall. We also removed some unwanted trees and lots of brush. We had the yard leveled and planted in the fall, so we are excited to see how it does in the spring! So last summer was the necessary and not very fun task of dealing with the yard, so this year we are on to more exciting things…

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We have so many ideas and projects that we want to do. So I really want to choose a small number of areas to focus our attention on each year to ensure that we are always making progress. We want to accomplish new goals each and every year that will bring us closer to self-sufficiency. These are some of our short-term homesteading goals.

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Goals for our homestead

  • Grow an orchard (We planted 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees last fall-Hopefully they will do well and we will expand in the future!)
  • Plant a variety of berries-blackberries, blueberries and strawberries
  • Plant Grapes and build a trellis
  • Plant a large vegetable garden (This we plan on starting this spring. It will include a 6 foot fence to keep out the critters!)
  • Plant a herb garden (This we planted last year and it did very well. I want to continue this and possibly expand the variety of herbs.)
  • Canning, Preserving and Drying Foods ( We already can, however, I want to continue expanding the variety of foods and explore new possibilities!)
  • Eliminate 5 additional store-bought cleaning products and make a homemade alternative (to include dishwasher soap & laundry soap)
  • To eliminate 5 store-bought food items and learn to make them from scratch (haven’t chosen these yet!)
  • Raise chickens to provide fresh eggs
  • Beekeeping

(The last 2 items are probably not going to happen this year but will hopefully happen within the next few years! )


Like I said, my main goal is to always be making some type of progress. I know that planting our garden this summer is going to be the beginning of something wonderful! This is going to be the biggest garden that we have ever had and I’m so excited to try growing new vegetables that I’ve never grown before! Stay tuned for a more detailed look at our 2016 Vegetable Garden Plans!

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What goals have you set for your homestead this year? I would love to hear from you-Comment Below!

3 thoughts on “Our 2016 Homesteading Goals

  1. I love this idea of compiling a concrete lists of goals. I feel like it can keep everything on track! I’ll have to think about doing up my own list for the summer of 2016. 🙂

    1. I agree Kris! This is my first year setting specific goals and I’m excited to see what all I accomplish! Even if I don’t mark everything off my list, at least I’m aiming for something specific! Good luck with your own goals this summer! Thanks for stopping by!

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