2016 Garden Results and Canning Totals


Well, we had ourselves quite a busy summer! Thinking back to the beginning of the season, it is hard to believe how far we have come. We started out from scratch with our vegetable garden in the springtime. This is our first year with a garden at the new house and there was a lot of work involved with getting it ready. I’ve been writing a 4-part series on our garden planning process…check it out here.  It was much larger than any garden we have ever had before. However, now that we have made it through the end of the growing season, I can say that it was definitely worth all of the hard work and effort that we put into it! Now, in the coming years planting will be a much easier task because everything is set up-the fence and water source. We will just need to till up the ground, add some fresh nutrients and get to planting! Take a look at our garden results and canning/preserving totals…


Garden Yields

Tomatoes: We picked well over 14 dozen red tomatoes from our 12 tomato plants. This isn’t including the ones we picked to eat fresh, this is only counting the ones picked for canning. These were made into stewed tomatoes and tomato soup. We also picked a large quantity of green tomatoes last month before our first frost (not included in the total count). We made these into salsa verde.

Bell Peppers: I didn’t keep as close of a count of these but my estimate is 40-50 peppers.

Jalapeno Peppers: We picked 105 peppers from our jalapeno  plants. A portion we pickled and canned. And the second portion we smoked and ground into chipotle powder.

Potatoes: Our potatoes didn’t do extremely well, however we had enough to can some for the winter. And we also enjoyed one meal of fresh roasted potatoes! They were delicious!!

Squash: Overall, our squash plants did not do well because we got a bad case of powdery mildew pretty early into the season. I had never had issues with this before, so by the time I realized there was something wrong with my plants, it was too late and it had already destroyed the plants. This caused quite a hit to our squash yields, but we still have enough to enjoy throughout the fall! Here are the individual numbers for our squash…

Butternut Squash: 8

Acorn Squash: 2

Delicata Squash: 2

Pie Pumpkins: 2

Sweet Corn: We got 37 ears of corn! This was our first time planting corn, so that was an exciting result!! Some of them were pretty small but we still harvested enough to have one fresh meal of grilled corn and some to freeze for the winter!



We didn’t really need to supplement too much this year, however, we have never had luck with tomatoes in the past. So, I got nervous and bought some extras just in case!

Regular Tomatoes: 1/2 bushel
Roma Tomatoes: 1/2 bushel
Pie Pumpkins: 3


Canning Totals:

Stewed Tomatoes: 17 Quarts
Tomato Soup: 17 Quarts
Salsa: 27 Pints (14 jalapeno salsa & 13 regular salsa)
Salsa Verde: 6 pints and 1-1/2 Pint
Pickled Jalapeno Peppers: 12-1/2 Pints
Potatoes: 9 Pints

Miscellaneous Preserving:

Frozen Bell Peppers-4 packs: 8 bags (We use these for stuffed peppers.)
Frozen Pepper Slices: 7 Bags (We use these for sauteing for sandwiches, etc.)
Frozen Pumpkin Puree: 8 Quart Freezer bags, 12-17 oz each
Frozen Corn: 4 Quart Freezer Bars

Overall, I am very happy with our gardening and canning results this year! We did have a few bumps in the road that hindered our productivity, but I’m excited to try again next year and hopefully overcome these issues! My goal is to eliminate the need to supplement by buying at farms and be able to completely supply our own vegetables! We have definitely made a lot of progress and I hope to continue to make progress in the coming years!


How did your garden do this year? What are your favorite vegetables to can? Share your thoughts in the comments below-I love to hear from my readers!

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