How to Make a Baby Memory Box

How-to-make-a-baby-memory-box-1I am a photo-taking, scrapbook-making, sentimental person! I love to look through my photo albums, scrapbooks, and treasure boxes and reminisce on the happy times in my life. Remembering back on our family vacations, birthday parties, and just every day life! I have collected treasures from my childhood, high school, college, our wedding and so much more. It is so wonderful to have reminders of the many special times!  So, of course, when I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I began stashing away special little mementos to remember back on this very special time of my life!

When I am saving special items, I don’t want them to be tossed all over the house, stashed here and there in random places. I want to ensure that everything is neat and organized. That way, my house stays organized and not cluttered AND everything is in one place-So that when the sentimental moment strikes that I want to look through my treasures, I know right where to find them!


Of course, you can make a memory box for any type of occasion. You may want to create a memory box for your wedding, a family vacation, or from a time period in your life-like childhood or college. No matter the time or occasion-creating a memory box is a fantastic way to collect and organize your treasures to keep for years to come!

Today I am sharing how I made my Baby Memory Box for my first baby!


First of all, you want to find a pretty box to fill with your memories! I chose a photo box which you can purchase at any craft store like Michael’s or Joanne’s. There is always a variety of colors and patterns, so choose one that goes along with the theme of your box. These usually only cost a couple of dollars. But you can use any type of box. For a more frugal option, you could use a shoe box wrapped in pretty, themed wrapping paper. I chose a light blue, polka-dotted box since I had a baby boy!

Then I gathered all of the items that I want to save as keepsakes!


What types of items to include in your baby memory box…

Ultrasound Pictures
Cards from Baby Shower
Baby Shower Invitation
Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Napkin
Hospital Bracelets
Footprint Cards
Deflated Balloons
Newspaper from the day baby was born
Include any other additional items that you would like to have as a keepsake for your baby! You can continue to add items to the box throughout your baby’s life.


I wanted to ensure that my box was also organized, so I bundled like items together with a pretty ribbon (like the stack of cards I had from my baby shower). Also, for my newspaper, I rolled it and tied it with a ribbon. You can use any additional items that you may need to make your box pretty and organized. You could use decorative envelopes, ribbons, paperclips, or containers! (Target’s dollar section always has cute office supplies that you could use for this!) My last step was to neatly place all of the items inside the box.


And there you have it, a beautiful baby memory box that you will have to treasure and look back through for years to come. Someday, you can share all of those special mementos with your little one and share stories and memories of those special times!


2 thoughts on “How to Make a Baby Memory Box

  1. I love this idea because I like saving cards, hospital bracelets, and just stuff in general that would be kind of hard to fit in a baby book. Thanks for sharing on the Family Joy link up.

    1. I agree completely Alicia! I like to scrapbook but some of these things just wouldn’t fit into a book! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you stop back soon!

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